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The "Wonderland" album is a house recording. It's Psychedelic Jazz and Experimental music was created live in a recording studio with Dove Dewey, Chris Duarte, Victor DeLorenzo, Jim Korn, and a whole crew of musicians who all assembled with me to record my "Milwaukee" album. We lived together for a whole week in a Mansion in Milwaukee Wisconsin where I had the pleasure of living for a year. This album falls into the Experimental Jazz and Sounds Genre amongst others. I find that this special Art is enjoyed on snowy days but then again it's how I remember creating "Wonderland.” Enjoy and thanks for ordering! There's photos from the sessions included in this download so have fun with a peak inside a very special recording.
- mojo perry

Unedited Journal Entry: Wonderland (Jan -18-2011)

We are holding this place well. No fights, no arguments, not anything. Perfect! How fun this has been to record here in the house by the fireplace. What a wonderful dream come true. Not one person has disrespected these walls. Everywhere I look there is creativity happening. The songs are moving along nicely but we are behind schedule. I decided to record “Wonderland”. I am blessed to have Victor come in and take a stab at this with me. I saw him perform experimental music before and I knew he would be a valuable asset. We hit it off great. Our love for Creativity and connection as Artists made us instant pals. What I like the most about Victor is that when our path cross, our conversation just seems to pick up where it left off. These past few days our conversation was with sounds and rhythm. It was really a nice time. I decided to call the album “Wonderland” because it just seems to fit well. Maybe it’s my Hat talking to me, lol. It felt like a Tea Party… All my weirdo friends were present and accounted for. My pedals performed nicely; sometimes they are so unforgiving. (smiling) Chris Duarte: my brother. He has not always been outward with it but I know his love and respect for me is why he took on this maddening album schedule with me. I am happy he is a part of the Wonderland sessions, as I will forever call them. Dove is an unbelievable brother. His spirit has continually touched me over the years and I can think of no other person in this world whom I am closer with. We have stormed so many hills together . We talked about doing a record like this for so many years. From where I sat on the stairs watching him work with a line of people, self included, to record their parts in all these songs we have been recording here at the Big House. I knew that I needed to do what I did. Dreams are meant to be chased and lived once you catch them; even if it’s briefly. Right? In fact… although only a small circle of people played on the tracks, I am quite happy everyone was there. They clapped when we finished but sat quietly in the respect of the recordings. It was grand to be the Hatter wasn’t it? I slowly drank my Amer’ 72 Absinthe and played quietly with my eyes closed. I wonder if mother will like this album. You did play pretty, (smiling).

Truth is. I don’t know why I decided to record the album. I call it fate. Look what was created…. A Wonderfully Wonderful Wonder of MadHatting Works. What are you going to do Mojo? Publish it? You know you cant let Art sit… Shame on you for being afraid; it’s only un-publishable if you don’t publish it yourself. Let “Wonderland” go... Put it in the bottle and throw it into the ocean. Let the stars guide it. It’s a beautiful body of works and everything has its place in this world. You never know who reads the note in the bottle once it’s found… Ahh… the door just knocked and I gotta go sing. I finally get to track my parts to “Twenty Dollar Bill”. I have this whole reverse guitar solo planned for it. Oh yummy yum yum….


released November 11, 2012

Executive Producer : Lloyd Reid Cole

Produced by: Mojo Perry and Dove Dewey

Tea Party:

Mojo Perry - Guitar, Pedals, Loopers, Absinthe, Sounds, MadHatter
Chris Duarte - Guitars
Victor DeLorenzo - Drums, Percussion, Vocal Sounds
Dove Dewey - Bass, Experimental Sounds
Jim Korn - Drone Bass

Recorded live in the studio during a cold Wisconsin Blizzard in Milwaukee, Wi. This Wonderous Wintery Wonder of Wonderful recordings were captured in the Winter of 2011.


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Mojo Perry Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Mojo Perry is a singer songwriter from Milwaukee, Wi. who is well known and respected for his creativity and guitar playing. His music is Psychedelic in nature and boasts an impressive catalog of songs.

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